Tom Cruise Net worth


Tom Cruise Net worth

Tom Cruise Net worth 1200 600 Instantsubscribers

Тhоmаѕ Сruіѕе Мароthеr ІV, You’ve probably heard that name for the first time, haven’t you? Popularly known by the name “Tom Cruise”, he was born in the quaint Syracuse to his actress and teacher mother and a father who was an electrical engineer.

Tom had a terrible childhood with his three sisters who endured their derisive dad.

His parents decided to separate for good after which the four children moved from one place to another, looking for a permanent home.

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Due to this, Tom had to study in different schools and this took a huge toll on his education.

Early Life

He decided to try a hand at wrestling and boxing since he was really good at sports. After facing an injury, his dreams to pursue wrestling were crushed.

After moving to four different places, they finally settled in New Jersey where their mother decided to get married again.

Meanwhile, Tom’s birth father died from cancer a while ago.

He worked really hard on his acting skills but unfortunately, he couldn’t finish pursuing his formal education.

His passion for acting was there even when he was attending school.

This was evident in the fact that he was the leading protagonist in several plays and musicals.


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Personal Life

Tom Cruise got married to his long-term girlfriend in the year 1987. He got separated with Mimi Rogers in 3 years after which he started dating Nicole who also happened to be an actress.

The two were so in love that they decided to get married on Christmas eve. Their marriage was a happy one and lasted for 10 years, during which they adopted two kids.


In 2009, he got married to Katie Holmes and they both had a lovely daughter who is often seen posing with Tom. It is a doubt whether Katie and Tom are living together.


He decided to pursue acting, which is why he moved to New York to start afresh. Mind you, Tom was merely eighteen at this point and didn’t have any money to get started either.

He flaunted his acting skills on different occasions after which he bagged the movie “Endless Love” followed by “Taps”. This gave him the much-needed recognition.

His movies portrayed his acting skills to the fullest and he was seen featuring in many more movies in 1981.

This year proved to be his lucky year as these movies helped him bag more roles in the future. Almost two years later, he was casted as a lead role with a prominent and super popular direction.


This film paid him the big bucks that he needed and turned his life around. After this, he was seen in movies such as “Top Gun”, “Cocktail” and “Color of Money”.

These movies, even though, weren’t as great as the former ones, they gave him a ton of money and a chance to gain several awards.

Top Gun also became one of the most popular movies which also made him the highest paid artist of that time.


His first film bagged him $30,000. In the year 1989, Tom bagged the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and also got selected for an Academy Award for being casted in a biopic.

His film Mission Impossible and the entire series earned over $540 Million all around the world and became one of the highest earning movies of the year.

Life Style

Tom is someone who adores his own collection of cars. In fact, his car collection has only been growing ever since. In fact, he currently owns 18 vehicles out of which several happen to be bikes.


Tom Cruise Cars

  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Ford Mustang Saleen S281
  • Ford Mustang Saleen (Silver)
  • Chevrolet Corvette C1
  • Chevrolet Chevelle SS
  • Dodge Colt
  • Mercedes-Benz S Class
  • Ford Excursion
  • Buick Roadmaster 1949
  • BMW 7 Series
  • BMW 3-Series
  • Porsche 911
  • 1966 Shelby GT350H
  • BMW M5
  • 1979 Porsche 928
  • Mercedes CLK W209
  • Cadillac Escalade

Tom Cruise Bikes

  • Confederate Hellcat (Approx. value: $65,000)
  • Vyrus 987 C3 4V
  • Ducati 999R

It’s not certain whether Katie and Tom live in the same household anymore, but when they did, they owned a multi-winged mansion which proudly flaunted seven-bedrooms and nine-bathrooms.

It is still fully equipped with all the latest facilities and flaunts beautiful fixtures. It also has a seclusion with a rooftop pool and a flight simulator.

Tom Cruise Net Worth

Apart from the massive collection of cars that Tom flaunts, he is the proud owner of a net worth of $570 Million.

It is uncertain whether he’s living in the mansion or not, but there are speculations of him moving to an estate in Clearwater.

Social Profile

Tom Cruise is active on all sorts of social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

He frequently posts pictures of his upcoming movies and showcases pictures of him doing dangerous stunts on Instagram.

His Instagram handle @tomcruise has over 3 Million followers and he posts pictures with his fans and fellow actors.

His twitter account has over 6.69 Million followers while his Facebook page has amassed over 11 Million Likes.


Tom Cruise Quotes

  • “I’ve never done work for money ever. If your choices are based on grosses and the film doesn’t do well, what does that mean? It leaves you with nothing.”
  • “With each one (film), I love working on the story and the characters. The stunts, each time, we keep pushing ourselves harder and harder. And they are stunts, so there’s always a danger in doing them, but fortunately, I have not had a problem. I have not missed a day of work, ever, in my career. I’m always there early. And I train very hard, and we prepare very carefully for each one.”
  • “I don’t hide from cameras or anything. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t seek our press for the women I’m dating, but if it finds me, it finds me.”
  • “When you become successful in any type of life, there are people who are not contributing to the motion.”
  • “I feel lonely at times, but I don’t want to get into a relationship with someone if it is not right. I’m not the type of person who just does things to do them.”

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