Instagram Keeps Crashing 1200 600 Instantsubscribers

Instagram Keeps Crashing

 Instagram App Keeps Crashing: 5 Easy Solutions Now that the “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” problem is fixed, a large number of Instagram users have recently reported that their app keeps crashing. While Instagram was quick to release a patchwork to eliminate this error, many of the users still continue to face…

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Short Instagram Captions 1200 600 Instantsubscribers

Short Instagram Captions

200 Short and Witty Instagram Captions that can Steal the Show If clicking great pictures is an art, so is writing great captions. Are you looking for a short and witty caption for your Instagram profile? If yes, you are in the right place. We have easy ways to increase your popularity among the 1…

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Sassy Captions for Instagram 560 315 Instantsubscribers

Sassy Captions for Instagram

The Ultimate List of Sassy Captions for Instagram, for when you need a Smart, Tongue-in-cheek Comeback Did you know that Instagram captions are more difficult to coin than clicking the picture-perfect photo? According to Instagram’s new algorithm, your posts could get lost if it has poor engagement rates. And, the best way to improve engagement rates…

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Can’t Follow on Instagram 560 315 Instantsubscribers

Can’t Follow on Instagram

What to do when You cannot follow Accounts on Instagram Following accounts is a crucial part of the Instagram experience, just like commenting or liking posts. But sometimes when you tap on the follow option for a profile and notice that you cannot seem to follow people on Instagram, it can be a hurdle in…

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instagram caption generator tools
Instagram Caption Generator 557 294 Instantsubscribers

Instagram Caption Generator

 All You Need to Know About the Art of Instagram Captions Instagram photos are only one half of the engagement experience users have when they post on their profiles. The other important half is the caption for every post. Captions are the space where people put Instagram hashtags, and give a textual meaning to their…

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What is Instagram 5xx Server Error and how to fix it? 1200 600 Instantsubscribers

What is Instagram 5xx Server Error and how to fix it?

Instagram has been one of the most profound applications that let you share your videos and images globally. Since the time it has launched, Instagram added on various features that made it remarkably well-built application for conversations too. However, since the past few months, it has been facing an outrage due to unexpected turning down…

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Report hacked Instagram account 1200 600 Instantsubscribers

Report hacked Instagram account

Is Your Instagram Account Showing Signs of being Hacked? Learn How to Report Here Instagram is mostly a positive experience in the social media world unless you notice suspicious activity on your account. If you are afraid that your account might have been hacked, this article will take you through a step-wise guide with the…

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Sorry, there was a problem with your request in Instagram 560 315 Instantsubscribers

Sorry, there was a problem with your request in Instagram

“Sorry, there was a problem with your request” in Instagram: How to Fix It While social platforms like Instagram spend millions of dollars to ensure that everything works smoothly and efficiently, there are times when glitches and errors are unavoidable. Especially with Instagram that has been releasing new features and updates consistently, a few errors…

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Instagram Direct Message not working 560 315 Instantsubscribers

Instagram Direct Message not working

Instagram direct message not working- How to fix it? While Instagram was founded in 2010, it was only a photo-sharing app initially. It only allowed users to post photos and like and comment on photos posted by other Instagram users. In 2012, Instagram launched the direct messaging features and 15-second video clips were launched in…

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Instagram Notifications not working – How to fix it 560 315 Instantsubscribers

Instagram Notifications not working – How to fix it

How to fix Instagram Notifications not working issue in minutes? Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites that is used by almost all people in the world. This application is actually made for sharing your photos and videos from your smartphones like your iPhone device. Once you have posted a video or…

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