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Netflix is one of the most popular media service provider that offers you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online or you can simply stream it to your mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Everyone has some kid of shows or movies as their favorite and would never miss out on watching them when they are telecasted.

But there are chances you may miss the show and that is where Netflix comes into play as you can watch your favorite show any time you want and any number of times you want right in your mobile phone.

All you need is to download the app on your mobile phone and start streaming your movies and TV shows immediately. You can even stream movies and shows on your desktop PC as well after logging into your Netflix account.

Free Netflix Premium Accounts 2019

Netflix is also the number one channel for people to stream movies and TV shows online.

But in order to stream movies you need to open an account with Netflix for around $7.99 a month for a basic account and upto $13.99 for premium account with full HD viewing capabilities.

But do you know that you can view easily stream movies and TV shows from Netflix without paying a single penny.

Yes, you need to create an account by paying some amount to register yourself with the site and purchase a plan. Right now Netflix offers three plans including:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

In the Basic plan, there is no option to view HD and ultra-HD videos and you can only view your favorite shows and videos on any one screen at a time.

It means you cannot simultaneously view videos both in your tablet and mobile phone. So if someone is using Netflix basic account, then you need to wait till they finish.

With the Standard plan, HD videos are available but ultra-HD videos are not made available.

And the number of simultaneous screens you can view Netflix 2 and that means two members of your family can stream movies and shows simultaneously in their laptops and mobile phones.

And the Premium plan is the best plan available as it allows its subscribers with all options open as you can watch both HD and Ultra-HD videos and the number of simultaneous views on screens is increased by four.

Nowadays you can see that there are a number of websites cropping up everyday offering Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords.

But most of the accounts you get from these cheap websites is that the usernames and passwords never work. And even if it works for a day, it gets quickly blocked by Netflix the next day.

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How to Get Free Netflix premium accounts

Netflix offers you with a trial plan of 30 days for free so that you don’t need to pay for watching your favorite movies for the first 30 days. And you can easily cancel your subscription after 30 days.


And if you have a different debit card or a virtual card you can create a new account for another 30 days enjoy movies and shows for free. So let’s see how to create a free account for 30 days with Netflix:

  1. Go to the Netflix website
  2. Click “watch Free for 30 days”
  3. You can select whatever plan as you can even choose the Premium plan and watch HD and ultra-HD movies free for 30 days
  4. Click Continue and continue providing with your payment details. Remember you are only providing your card details and you’ll not be charged as of now
  5. Click “Start Membership” to begin your free trial for 30 days

So no you can happily enjoy all the movies and shows in Netflix completely free for 30 days and before your trial period ends, you’ll get a reminder to confirm your membership by paying the required amount as per the plan selected.

If you plan to continue, you can very well make the payment and continue or even cancel your subscription with immediate effect.

How to Cancel Netflix Account


To cancel your Netflix account, just do the following:

  1. Login to your Netflix account
  2. Go to your profile section
  3. Under “Membership and Billing” choose “Cancel Membership” and click OK to continue
  4. And you have successfully cancelled your membership

What Features do you get with Netflix Premium Account?

Netflix allows you to watch TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere you want from your laptop, mobile phones and tablets. With a Netflix membership:

  • Unlimited Access

You gain access to unlimited movies and TV shows

  • Unlimited Search

Search from tons of new and old movies, short films, documentaries and TV shows

  • Database Updated Everyday

Everyday new movies and shows gets added to Netflix

  • Rate Movies and Shows

Option to rate the movies you are watching

  • Recommended Movies

Netflix also recommends movies based on your movie-watching experience

  • Watch Anywhere, Anytime

With the NetFlix app downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet, you can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime you want

  • Watch in Multiple Devices

Watch a movie in your desktop at your home and continue the rest of the movie in your mobile phone while you are travelling to your office

Free Netflix Account Generator

There are many websites that offer Netflix account generator tools and also hack Netflix account from other users and provide a list of free usernames and passwords.

But never trust these websites as none of the tools work and all you get is a crappy list of usernames and passwords that won’t work.

So better keep away from these websites or avoid providing your card details to these cheap websites that promise Free Netflix Premium Accounts 2019 using Netflix account generator tools.

How to get free Netflix accounts?

We also provide you with a list of Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords and all you need to do is just download our list of username and passwords.

We strive hard to keep our list fresh always that if we see that if the same account is used by multiple members, we remove it from our list.